Other activities/services

Ambition, project and perseverance

Guarantee of the success

From the foundation of the company our team has been working on projects from the various industrial sectors increasing level of our internal knowhow.

On Fair For You

Diffuse or collect fair information even if you can not be there.

Collect fair information - This is the cheapest and most exhaustive way to have all information that you need from a fair even if you have not time to be there!

Present your products - This is the simplest and most efficient way to disseminate information and promote your business on a fair exhibition even if you are not there!

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Bosnia - outsourcing and investments

The advantages of the Chinese market in the heart of Europe

Our presence on the various markets gave us the possibility to localize interesting areas for the various industrial sectors particularly advantageous from point of view of the taxes, customs duties and the production costs. This allows to our clients to be particularly competitive on the market.

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Project Management

The way to guarantee the positive results in all our activities

From the beginning we are looking for a method that could help us to solve the problems that we met in various activities. In this research, at the beginning we found Project Management as a tool that gave us a possibility to have a high level of control of activities’ execution making our job always more interesting.

Project Management is area that has fascinated us and in this we have invested a lot of our time and our resources in skills development and tool improvement. Today we can say that we have the competences and the tools that allow us to manage the projects of the great dimensions and maximum complexity.

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