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Product catalogue management refers to the support of management product information in a structured and consistent way in the form of catalogues. This in order to create a cost-effective means to help customers and channel partners understand what the functionalities and usability of certain products or services are. Usually the catalogs includes comparison of product features, advising related products and alternative products and services. The development of online catalogues and open catalogues with multimedia capabilities, have opened completely new horizons.

Product catalogue information is typically used in websites.

Product information management (PIM) systems consolidate all product information onto a single platform. In terms of company IT infrastructure, in our case, this means having a PIM platform running over a open-source database such as MySQL with asp based code web site that generate interface on user side. With PIM solutions, access and user authorizations for all database information are managed via a web-based administration interface.

Centrally maintained data can also be accessed for print or CD catalogs and websites.

Centralized data management is particularly well-suited for company websites, as documents, content and media objects such as product images can be linked with other business objects such as customers or products. An e-commerce component manages the ordering process and the online presentation of dynamic content. The solution has to integrate seamlessly into inventory management and logistics systems in order to provide real cost savings.

PIM is still a young market segment. It only started gaining broader attention among customers in the second half of 2004, as market analysts and the media began taking a closer look at this type of solution.